Age Gap's Not Big Enough! 39-Year-Old Man Feared He Was "Too Old" For His 82-Year-Old Girlfriend

Date July 30, 2019 09:50

You don't often meet women like 82-year-old Hattie Retroage. The confident cougar is an avid dating app user and goes out on dates up to three times a week, but exclusively with men under 40.

Hattie divorced her husband back in 1984 when she stopped feeling appreciated, and since then dominated the singles market.

Retroage explained that she prefers younger men because they have a lot of energy, which matches her attitude perfectly. The 82-year-old told The Sun:

A young man is fired up about what the future holds, I can light that light and I can keep that fire burning.

And she's also not afraid to be picky!

39 is not good enough for Hattie

Hattie Retroage met John on social media. Their connection was instant and she even flew from New York to Florida to meet him.

John says Hattie is one of the most fascinating women he's ever met, and has no problem with her age. He actually prefers older ladies! John told Channel 5:

I’ve been asked, and playfully ridiculed by people who’ve known me for a really long time, “why do I date older women?” I like confidence in a woman. I like self- awareness, there’s always been a more sensual and compassionate side.

However, 39-year-old John might be a bit too old for Hattie. He sadly commented:

I think I’m actually too old for her. That’s what we’re finding out. It’s not about age with me. If there’s a connection between two people [it] can transcend any amount of time between them, but she is hung up on the fact that I’m above 30.

Retroage knows what she wants, and if it's not good enough then all she's going to say is 'thank you, next!'

In the end, the couple actually decided not to continue their relationship, but cited their different personalities as the main reason for splitting.