"Who Is That?": 62-Year-Old Woman Can't Recognize Herself After A Striking Honey Blonde Hair Makeover

Date August 22, 2019 09:24

Every woman needs a little miracle from time to time, and the famous makeover wizard, Christopher Hopkins, knows exactly how to deliver.

The hairstyling guru started transforming lives way back in junior high. He found passion for making women beautiful when he helped his prom date choose a dress and a hairdo for the big night.

Now, he's turned around many lives and we can't stop marveling at his incredible work.

Unbelievable transformation

62-year-old LaDawn decided to pay a visit to Christopher as a treat to herself before the upcoming Mother's Day and her daughter's wedding.

For LaDawn, Hopkins decided to get rid off that grey-yellowish hair and gave her warm honey blondee. She looks so much softer and younger with it, even her skin looks healthier!

LaDawn couldn't even recognize herself at first:

Oh my goodness! Who is that?

Great job as usual, Christopher!

How do you like LaDawn's new look?