Life-Changing Makeover Knocked 20 Years Off The 73-Year-Old Woman And Made Her Into A Hollywood Star

Date August 27, 2019

It's incredible what the right haircut can do for a woman, and hairstyling guru Christopher Hopkins knows it very well.

The talented Makeover Guy dedicated to changing women's life with his two hands and we just love witnessing his magic.

Hopkins always perfectly chooses not only the style, but also the right color for everyone who sits in his miracle chair. He's the true master!

Another breathtaking transformation

73-year-old Nan Petesron paid a visit to Hopkins with a desire to learn how to do her hair and makeup. Nan joked she hasn't changed her hair in 73 years and wants to look a more presentable now.

Christopher did a spectacular job with Nan! She looks not only much younger, but also gives off Marilyn Monroe vibes, stunning!

People online are obsessed with Nan's makeover

@Oh Dear:

So refreshed and beautiful. Looks much younger and what a smile.

Looks 20 yrs younger

@Thea Johnston:

She looks amazing. No one would ever know she was 73 !! ❤️

Super! Good on ya! Lovely. Spot on!!!!! Could go on...........🙄❤

Wow what a terrific result..you look beautiful, fresh, happy and your just a lovely lady..bless your heart. ❤️🌈🙏🏼👏🏼

Holy heck, this lady looks 20 years younger!! Awesome job.

How do you like Nan's new look?