People Can't Believe The Woman Is 59 After Sensational Makeover Turned Her Into A Bombshell: "She Looks So Young!"

Date August 30, 2019 15:50

Christopher Hopkins believes beauty knows no age. The famous Makeover Guy has already given the gift beauty to hundreds of women and still continues to create magic with his own two hands.

Every single woman that has ever been to Chrostopher's studio came out as a new person and regained her sense of beauty. He's a true miracle worker.

Another incredible transformation

Stephanie had always dreamt of visiting Christopher's studio, and when the opportunity presented itself, she couldn't wait to feel pretty again.

Hopkins did something special with the 59-year-old, we can't give her a day over 30 now! She couldn't hold her tears and was incredibly grateful.

People online are obsessed with Stephanie's new look

@Scruffy Scrubs:

No way 59!!!! She looked great before! Absolutely gorgeous after!

@Jacquie H.:

She didn't look 59 before the make over. She's gorgeous! Great job

@Salobrena Smith:

She looks so young.. 59 ain't what it used to be.

@Lynda _Lee:

You did it again, Christopher!! She looks stunning, radiant and younger!!!!!

@Julie Plant:

Wow! You look 20 years younger. Gorgeous! Go out and have some fun! Christopher is absolutely an artist with a great personality. 🤗💫

What do you think about this makeover? Doesn't she look so stunning?