"That Is Not The Same Woman!": People Are Stunned By A Former Cheerleader’s Dramatic Makeover

Date August 20, 2019 17:03

Christopher Hopkins, who is known to the public as The Makeover Guy, is an incredibly talented stylist who helps women to release their inner image.

In 2017, Hopkins and his husband, Robert Lindquist, opened Makeoverguy Appearance Studios and since then, they have been changing people’s lives by changing their looks.

There’s hardly anyone who mastered the art of transformation like Christopher and the proof of it is millions of happy clients.

One of those clients shocked social media by her incredible makeover.

“Not the same woman”

Barbara has been trying to find the elusive perfect haircut her whole life. She had tried many salons in different cities, even countries, but none of the results satisfied her.

Christopher Hopkins cut her hair short, added some blonde highlights and voilà – the magical transformation completely changed Barbara’s mousy look.

People can’t recognize her anymore

@Jennifer Cunningham commented:

Shut. The. Front. Door. That is not the same woman!

@Dawn Reynolds McKinney agreed:

Looks like a totally different woman! Her vibrant personality shines now!

@Miriam Saunders added:

Noooo, this is NOT the same woman. She looks so fabulous & youthful

@Kathleen Mason noted:

I love the color and style. Her eyes just pop.

@Debra Boyea wrote:

Wow, I think this is one of the biggest transformations I've seen! Fantastic!

It’s incredible how a new hairstyle can drastically alter someone’s entire appearance!