Special Needs Mom Shares An Inspiring Journey About Having A Baby Boy With Down Syndrome: "The Day Harry Was Born, So Too Was I"

Date August 29, 2019 18:13

Thousands of people have Down syndrome worldwide, regardless of a country, gender, or any other sociodemographic characteristics.

Down syndrome is not a rare pathology: overall, 1:700 births were previously observed. However, thanks to prenatal diagnosis, the frequency of birth of children with DS has dramatically decreased to 1:1100 as those who learn about the disease of the fetus opt for abortion.

Special Needs Mom Shares An Inspiring Journey About Having A Baby Boy With Down Syndrome: "The Day Harry Was Born, So Too Was I"magda_shutterstock / Shutterstock.com

In fact, many empathetic and emotional stories have spanned across the globe, portraying the brightest sides of people with Down syndrome. For instance, one inspiring mom, Orla Brassel, shared a positive impact on her baby with DS and spread her experience with others.

Having made the Harmony test at 16 weeks of the pregnancy, the happy parents received such unexpected news: test results showed their baby had gotten a greater than 99% chance of being born with an extra chromosome.

Orla Brassel cried for days and felt like she let her husband down.

I kept thinking, โ€˜Why me?โ€™ I felt I had let my husband down. Like somehow I had failed to give him a โ€˜perfectโ€™ baby. My husband turned out to be my rock those first few weeks post-diagnosis. We took comfort in each other.

One morning, she woke up with a thought, โ€˜Wait, why not me?โ€™ The woman believed she could do this; she had to do this.

I figured I had 3 choices โ€“ give up, give in, or give it everything Iโ€™ve got. I went with option 3.

The rest of the weeks, the mother-of-two was learning a lot about Down syndrome and took to social media to read stories from different families.

Baby boy Harry Brassel was born at almost 38 weeks. He was born with liver issues and hence, he had to spend the first few weeks in the neonatal unit of the maternity hospital.

Leaving the hospital 5 days later without my baby was probably one of the worst feelings in my life ... And after 42 nights, he came home and our world has been a better place ever since. I really believe the day Harry was born, so too was I.

The special needs mom knew she would share her journey and inspiring story with everybody on social media as many people are just like her. The only fear she has is that Harry will have to face people's attitude toward him in the future.

What do I wish I had known before Harry was born? I wish Iโ€™d known the positive impact on our family this new baby with Down syndrome would have. He has truly brought something indescribable and has unified our family.

This story made us shed some tears. The way Orla Brassel speaks about her son and how he changed everyone's life is just so sensitive. We wish the best for them all!