Woman Who's Believed To Be A Meghan Markle Copy Also Has A Baby With Adorable Facial Features

Date August 8, 2019

There's something very cool about running into a regular person and realizing they look so much like a celebrity you admire. This was how some social media users felt when they took a glimpse of this lady.

The adorableness

Akeisha Land attracted a bit of a buzz mostly thanks to her adorable little baby, who by the way, has garnered quite the following on social media.

In general, we can understand the internet's fascination with the baby. One study actually concluded that mixed-raced kids are perceived to be more attractive than non-mixed-race people. Researchers explained that a genetic process called ' hybrid vigor' may be responsible for this.

This refers to the idea that cross-bred children have a wider range of genetic fitness and attributes than pure-bred offspring (those with parents of the same race).

Akeisha Land and Meghan Markle

When this mom first opened her Instagram account, it was to post pictures of herself. But as soon as she started sharing snaps of her baby Greyson, she realized that people seemed more interested in the little one.

As a result, she changed the name on the account and today, the page has over 144,000 followers.

With hundreds of photos of little Greyson, it makes sense that all eyes will be on her. Plus, you just cannot deny how completely adorable this mixed-race child is. However, that's not the only thing people have noticed about Akeisha's page.

In the pictures of herself which she shared, many have pointed out her facial similarity to the Duchess of Sussex. And in certain photos, anyone can see that Akeisha and Meghan Markle do share certain features.

And seeing how lovely little Greyson is, one may even go as far as saying that baby Archie just may share similar looks like the little girl too. Wouldn't that be the most adorable royal baby ever?


Social media users are not oblivious of how much Akeisha looks like Meghan. Many of them have posted comments to this effect.

@Chivaditas wrote, "You could be Megan Markle(?? What's the last name?) older sister!!!

@solangelove1 agreed, posting, "In the first picture, you look like Meghan Markle."

Another Instagram user @saraalhinai_ wrote, "DAAAAMMMNNN you look like Meghan Markle."

And @iamashley143 was amazed as well, "Omg!!! You look like Meghan Markle lol, gorgeous."

Truly, Akeisha and Meghan could pass for twins, or at the very least, sisters. Do you agree?