Fortune Smiled On Man Who Purchased And Old Photo For $2 In A Junk Shop Only To Discover That It Is Worth $5 Million

Date August 29, 2019 14:59

Henry McCarty has been called various names throughout his life, but he is popularly known as Billy the Kid, one of the most notorious American bandits.

Billy became a fugitive after he robbed a Chinese laundry and escaped prison, labeling him an American Old West outlaw and gunslinger.

Authorities later killed him at the age of 21 after he had committed multiple homicides.

Despite his negative impact, Billy the Kid is a subject of many historical studies. Because of this fact, a man who bought old photos of Billy the Kid at $2 can now sell it for millions of dollars.

A lucky art collector

In 2010, Randy Guijarro bought a 4x5 inch tintype photo and two other photos at a Fresnco, California junk shop which summed to $2.

When Randy Guijarro paid for the picture, little did he know that he was paying for something worth much more.

It was a couple of years down the line that he would come to know the true worth of the photograph.

One day at home, he looked at the photo with a magnifying glass and was shocked to his bones when he realized it was an image of the notorious Billy the Kid.

After spending more than a year verifying the photograph, Kagin's, a rare coin and collectibles dealer, confirmed that the picture was authentic.

Now, the seemingly useless picture is worth a breathtaking $5 million!

In honor of the upcoming National Geographic, producer, Jeff Aiello, and his team accredited one of the pictures to be the only recognized photo of the Regulators gang assembled.

Billy the Kid, was confirmed to be fourth from the left wearing his signature top hat.

The documentary will reveal the details of the long years and the risk it took to prove that the renowned American outlaw and gunfighter is indeed the one in the picture alongside other Regulators gang members.

Nevertheless, persistence was worth it. The photo that was bought for less than $5 is now worth a fortune!

Before this discovery, there was only one known picture of Billy the Kid.

In 2011, William Koch, an energy company executive and renowned art collector and American West artifacts, was the highest bidder of the authenticated photograph of the scandalous Wild West outlaw and gunfighter, Billy the Kid.

Koch paid a staggering amount of $2.3 million at Brian Lebel's annual Old West Auction in Denver for the picture. For Koch, he loved American history, especially the Old West, which was enough reason to buy the photo.

Now, that there is another authenticated photo, we can't wait to see how it all pans out this time!