Love With No Expiry Date: Oldest Interracial Newlywed Couple Face Severe Opposition And A Court Order To Keep Them Apart

Date August 22, 2019 14:09

This is not something that happened in the early 1900s. It happened as recently as 2014. The documentary that was nominated for an Oscar

The story of Edith, 96 and Eddie, 95, was so compelling that Laura Checkoway, a journalist-turned-filmmaker, had to turn it into a 29-minute documentary titled 'Edith+Eddie,' which was released in 2017.

For Laura, it started with a simple portrait of two older adults who celebrated their love by getting married as nonagenarians.

What she was not counting on was that when she went down to see them, she would witness the sad turn the story would take.

"I thought it would be a sweet, tender short portrait, and right away, I realized that there was more to the story and that they were fighting to stay together. Little did we know how dramatically things would unfold," she told ABC.

Supported by singer Cher, she worked on bringing this story to the fore to enlighten plight on the plight of most elderly people in the country.

The documentary won several awards, and was nominated for the 'Best Documentary' at the International Documentary Association Awards and was nominated at the 90th Oscars.

Almost everyone wants them apart

Edith and Eddie had met in the most romantic way possible- while standing in line for lottery tickets ten years before their marriage. They immediately fell in love.

Sadly, Edith had been diagnosed with mild dementia earlier, so when they decided to get married, it was opposed under the pretext that she was not capable of making that kind of decision.

However, Rebecca Wright, Edith's daughter, facilitated their wedding in a church.

This led to a battle where the court appointed a legal guardian over Edith, who would administrate over her affairs and estate.

The guardian had never met Edith but had the power to make decisions about her life. How could?

The court also issued an order that Edith was to move away from New York to Florida, to stay with her other daughter, Patricia, who was also against the marriage.

But why were some relatives so bent on keeping them apart?

Other than the issue of dementia, some of her children were worried that there might be complications regarding the inheritance if she stays married to Eddie.

Nevertheless, Rebecca is putting her foot on the ground that her mother deserves to be with who she wants to be with, and putting her in a home was out of the question.

"It helps her to care for him, and it helps him to care for her. She has never been happier."

The lovebirds are also not backing down. They have made up their mind to make the best of the days they have together and not fuss about the legal outcome.

Cher stepped in

As this unfortunate turn of events unfolded, Cher who had taken an interest in the couple's story stepped in.

The 72-year-old admitted that the story struck a personal chord and she had to help them renovate their house and hire a lawyer.

She noted,

"They were not treated like people. They weren't treated with the respect that age demands."

No one should be deprived of love irrespective of their age. What do you think of this story? Did the court and her family have the right to meddle as much as they did?