Reborn Houdini! 8-Year-Old Girl ‘Born To Do Magic’ Left Simon Cowell Utterly Speechless After Showing Him Magic Tricks

Date August 21, 2019 14:12

Issy Simpson might look very cute but she is also a serious magician. She was just 8 years old when she auditioned in Series 11 of the extremely popular talent show, Britain's Got Talent.

The little one stole the judges’ hearts when she announced she wants to be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter when she grows up as she believes she was ‘born to do magic.’

Even though that sounds pretty adorable, Issy wasn’t joking. She even scared the toughest judge, Simon Cowell, during her performance.

The magnificent Issy

Loyal fans of Britain's Got Talent have seen a lot of incredible performances but they had no idea they were in for a spectacular treat when this little girl walked out on stage.

Issy Simpson stunned the public and frightened Simon Cowell when she performed her magic tricks, making everyone think she can predict the future.

During her performance, Simon even asked for a few seconds as he was ‘too scared.’ Watch Issy doing magic below:

The judges praised Simpson for her confidence and magical abilities and the little one won the runner-up of Series 11 Britain’s Got Talent in 2017.

2 years went by, and the magnificent Issy returned with the new show!

We are not magicians, but we see a lot of success in her future!