2 Elderly Men Sneak Out Of Nursing Home To Attend A Heavy Metal Concert Miles Away "Because You're Not Too Old To Rock"

Date August 20, 2019

Who says there's such a thing as being too old to have fun. Two elderly men have proven that if you're determined, anything is possible.

Sneaking off

Two elderly men raised concerns at their nursing home in Dithmarscher when it was discovered that they were missing. But it turned out that they escaped so they could travel about 25 miles to Wacken Open Air, where a major heavy-metal festival was taking place.

According to the WashingtonPost, the men made their way to the venue by foot and public transport during which time the retirement home personnel had contacted the police to alert them that the men were missing.

The elderly men were eventually found at Wacken at around 3 am.

Because they were disoriented when they were found, authorities took then to the medical tent to get checked out then they were sent back to their nursing home a couple of hours later.

The men were reluctant to leave the venue though, but they eventually returned voluntarily.

Wacken Open Air

This festival has been described as 'the Metal Mecca' and about 75000 metalheads from all over the world visit the festival every year, their Facebook Page revealed.

Such rock names like Judas Priest, Arch Enemy, Die from Sorrow and Walking Dead on Broadway were billed to perform.

Always rocking

Several internet users have reacted to the elderly men's determination to rock out despite their age. The Wacken Open Air Twitter page hailed the men saying they did not discriminate against senior because "you're never too old to rock."

A few others praised the two men and celebrated their zest for life.

Sure, they may have had their nursing home worried when they went missing but these men did prove that age shouldn't be a barrier to have fun and enjoy what you love.