Plus-Size Dancer Appears On TV In A Two-Piece Swimsuit To Promote Body Positivity, But People Feel She's Sending The Wrong Message

Date August 2, 2019 17:57

One of the keys to living a truly happy and content life is to be embrace who you are, and that includes your looks. This is where body positivity comes in. The concept refers to being positive about your appearance, even if you think you have flaws.

Plus-Size Dancer Appears On TV In A Two-Piece Swimsuit To Promote Body Positivity, But People Feel She's Sending The Wrong Messagetraveliving / Shutterstock.com

Sophie's appearance

A size 20 dancer was featured on This Morning. On August 1, Sophie Leah Brady appeared on the show wearing a red bikini in order to promote body acceptance and confidence. Her purpose was to silence haters who believe she should hide away her body.

Sophie opened up to show hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford about how hard it was to reach a place where she's happy with herself. The former Miss International Curve said that when she was younger, she hated her body and felt she was constantly being judged.

When I would go on holiday I would be in a hoodie and jeans in the stifling heat and it wasn't very good.

She eventually learned to accept herself and began to pass across the message that everyone should be free to wear whatever they wanted, regardless of their size.

We all should be able to wear what we want on the beach. We shouldn't have to hide away, because this is our body and this is what we've been given.

While disproving the belief that being overweight is synonymous with being unhealthy, Sophie said she has been dancing since age three and she exercises three to four times a week. "I am very healthy," she said, adding that it's frustrating when people assume she's unhealthy due to her weight.

I go to the doctors regularly, I'm on no medication, my cholesterol and blood pressure are perfect.

Mixed reactions

In response to Sophie's appearance on the show, many social media users have shared their views. There were those who felt like her message was promoting the wrong message. They believe that people who are overweight should not be praised but rather discouraged.

On the contrary, others think everyone deserves to be celebrated regardless of how they look. They showed their support to Sophie.

The main issue here is that while some people think overweight people should be encouraged to be confident, others feel they should be forced to get their weight under control. Where do you stand?