"They Said Elvis Will Be Forgotten In 6 Months": Priscilla Presley On Keeping Ex-Husband's Legacy Alive

Date July 24, 2019 17:09

Elvis and Priscilla Presley's love story was one of a kind. They remained married from 1967 to 1972 and had one daughter Lisa Marie together. The two remained very close to each other despite separation. After his death, she became the sole chairperson of the singer's enterprises.

In a rare interview with Hello! magazine, the former actress confessed Elvis was her love of life. She further explained:

I'm not saying that everything was wonderful – marriages have problems, and especially in that rock’n’roll environment… but we had an amazing bond.

Keeping his legacy alive

The current generation tunes in to Elvis' rock n' roll masterpieces. They are curious about his lifestyle and what he was all about. Priscilla Presley could be given the credit for that.

While speaking to News Channel 3, she recalled how the executives of Elvis's grand estate advised her to sell his safe haven, Graceland. They said the icon will be forgotten in 6 months.

Priscilla couldn't let that happen at any cost. Now, thousands of tourists visit Elvis home and try to mimic his bequest. He continues to inspire youngsters to dream big and beyond. His wife didn't give in to naysayers' opinions and it changed the entire game.

The upcoming tribute

The devoted woman is hosting Graceland’s inaugural Elegant Southern Style Weekend in September. The 3-days ceremony with incorporate high-end fashion, interior and delicious food. It will boost Elvis' heritage and give a life-time experience to his fans.

Well, Priscilla is surely our hero. She dedicated her time and strength to salvaging Elvis' memory. Share this and give a shout out to her.