Meghan Markle Has Refused To Let Her Shamed Family Get Back Into Her Life To Protect Archie, Reports Say

Date July 2, 2019

Several statements from the Markle family were released prior to Archie's birth. Meghan Markle's half-sister, half-brother, and her father all insisted to meet her newborn son. Fans had no idea what the Duchess will decide. Now, she's found a substitute for them and her verdict is quite reasonable.


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Talking to the Sun News, Thomas Markle Jr. had expressed his joy when Archie arrived. He also mentioned that the Sussex couple's child will be the ultimate way to reconcile differences. The uncle to the royal baby hoped that Archie will finally heal their broken family.


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They might never see Archie

As published in Mirror UK, the Duchess doesn't regard Thomas to be her father figure anymore. She has grown very close to Prince Charles who had walked her down the aisle as well. Meghan believes her father-in-law will be a great influence on Archie.


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In light of this relationship, the Sussex stunner is ready to estrange her own clan for good. A source had revealed Meghan has refused to let her shamed family back into her life altogether.


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This measure will ensure Archie's protection against negativity. This major news comes ahead of their son's christening this week.


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Is she following the advice of her dad's ex?

Not long ago, Thomas Markle former wife, Roslyn had accused her ex of homophobia, cheating, drug use, and neglect. According to her, Thomas was an "awful father" to his kids who relentlessly ignored them. She had warned Meghan, saying:

Knowing Tom as I do, Meghan would be a fool to have him in her life.


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We might judge the Duchess for such a straight-forward action but, let's not forget, "mother knows best." Share this and let us know if you agree to that.