"A Well Of Sadness": Kim Cattrall Admits She Never Healed After Losing Her Brother To Suicide

In February of 2018, Kim Cattrall pleaded his fans to look for her missing brother. His door was left unlocked, his keys and other necessities were at home along with his 7 dogs. Soon, his body was discovered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

She thanked people for their support and asked for privacy. And now, Kim has opened about his self-infliction, telling Daily Mail UK:

When you lose someone to suicide there is always the question, “If I could only have, if I did only, if I was only…”

She is still grieving

The Sex & The City star has finally shared her current situation. She smiles to the world and excitedly talks about her new projects. But if we look keenly, a deep sorrow has taken over her. Kim frequently affirms it was not like Chris to be so disregarding of his own life.

She admitted that she's hasn't made peace with her younger sibling's death. Cattrall is unable to find her way back to how things were before. She disclosed:

There is a well of sadness in me. I am different now and I will never be the same.

Her tribute to Chris

On her brother's first death anniversary, Kim took to Twitter and commemorated him. She posted a picture of him enjoying a night out with her. No one could know his bright smile hides so much pain.

Suicide is an epidemic that needs to be attended just as urgently as any other. Share this and send your regards to Kim.