Woman Carelessly Abandoned A 2-Year-Old Boy At The Doorstep Of A Random Home

Date October 23, 2018

The mere thought of separating the child from mother is frightening. As cruel as it sounds, there are mothers who leave their children on purpose. 

It has turned into an epidemic in America that cases of abandoned kids are on the rise. According to Parent24, the reason among young pregnant women deserting their offsprings is that they believe neither adoption nor abortion is a suitable option for them. Other causes may include children born with addictions, HIV positive or just unaffordable by parents. 

Woman Carelessly Abandoned A 2-Year-Old Boy At The Doorstep Of A Random Homesurowa /

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The solution to this is unconditional support and proper education. The following story, however, has an unpredictable twist!

2-year-old boy left at a random house

The South Montgomery County sheriff posted a video on Twitter in hopes to find the guardian of a 2-year-old boy. The woman seemed puzzled while she abandoned the kid at a strangers doorstep without any crease of worry. The entire incident took almost 23 seconds to happen as the woman just aggressively rang the doorbell and left in her vehicle.

The owner of the house called 911 and reported immediately. Afterward, the street view camera's footage was obtained to identify the woman. The people who watched the video were furious and curious about the woman.

Fortunately, the kid's father found the video and explained the matter.

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The kid was identified by his father

Willie Simmons was found to be the father of the dumped kid, Royal Simmons. It was then revealed to be a huge misunderstanding. The mother of the toddler cleared the air as she told ABC 13 News:

I had asked a friend of mine to drop the child off, but she went to the wrong house.

 The concerned dad also added:

That was very irresponsible. And I feel the lady who dropped my son off needs to be held accountable.

No charges were pressed against the woman but what could have been; is a haunting thought. Share this to remind parents not to trust anyone when it comes to their dear children!

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