"He Turns Words Into Poetry": Courtney Cox Pays Birthday Tribute To Her BF With A Cute Selfie

Date July 29, 2019

Courtney Cox and her boyfriend Johnny McDaid recently showed what partnership is all about. The Friends actress remained by his side during a medical plight. Now, she is telling the world how proud she is of her beau.

At the start of July, Courtney took to Instagram and update her fans about Johnny's surgery. He had to receive two discs in his spine. She thanked the doctor for incredible work and hilariously captioned:

Happy to be taking care of my man....I’M HIS NUMBER ONE FAN! Johnny has sooo many platinum discs, now he has two made of titanium.

Birthday tribute

Our beloved Monica rarely posts photos with her handsome suitor. There are only a handful of them on her social media accounts. So, the affair becomes exclusive when she treats the fans with a candid shot.

To mark Johnny's birthday, Courtney apparently stepped out of the usual. She shared a sweet selfie with him and endlessly admired her darling. From praising him for being a good listener to being a creative individual, Cox covered all grounds.

She wrote:

He turns words into poetry and thoughts into songs. He has a tender heart, a beautiful mind, a wicked sense of humor and he’s not bad to look at. Happy birthday J. I love you ♥️

Their relationship status

Last October, the gorgeous couple attended the Irish Arts Center Spirit of Ireland Gala together. While being interviewed, Courtney revealed: "I'm married in my heart". When asked about an official ceremony, the Snow Patrol singer replied: "We have one every morning when we look at each other.”

Courtney and Johnny seem to be wildly in love. Who needs a label anyway? Share this and keep hearting these lovely two.