"Left Us With A Good Foundation": Beth Chapman's Kids Shared What They Learned From Their Mom

Date July 16, 2019 09:55

Beth Chapman passed away on June 26 while being hospitalized at The Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu. The wife of Dog: The Bounty Hunter star Duane has left all her fans devastated. However, most of the toll is taken up by her children who are remembering her in good words.

When the news of the Huntress' demise came, her daughter Bonnie released a moving statement. She admitted that she'll never be able to get Beth of her mind. Her mother had taught her to be tough and let go of the pain. That's what she hopes to acquire now.

Memoirs of her teaching

Beth Chapman's children spoke to ET Online and discussed how well their mother mentored them. Bonnie revealed she's always seen herself as her mom's mini version. She said:

I'm definitely going to take away how determined and how passionate she was. She left us with a good foundation. And that's something we won't forget.

Garry was just like his mom. He wanted to be in law enforcement that his dad never approved of. But Beth told him to go volunteer for the greater good. So, her son is forever in debt to her for giving him confidence and accepting his passion.

Dog's 42-year-old son Leland was from his first wife but Beth never discriminated him. He said that his stepmom's discipline and strength will always remain with the family.

Service to commemorate Beth

Over the weekend, the Chapman family held a memorial service for late Beth. There, her husband Duane and all her children gave emotional speeches. It made us realize how badly they are coping with the loss.

We wish the whole squad to heal from this trauma. This is what Beth would've wanted for her loved ones. Share this and keep praying for her soul.