Nicole Kidman Had The Perfect Response When Asked About Ex, Tom Cruise: It Was A Little Harsh Though!

Date June 11, 2019

It's been 18 years since Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman got divorced. Still, many people just can't get over it. The actress is often probed about her past and it has reached the point of idiocy. We are glad she was able to shut them down for good.


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After her devastating split, Nicole became the loneliest she's ever been. In 2005, she came across the country singing sensation, Keith Urban. The very next year, the two love birds eloped. They've been married for 13 years now and have two beautiful daughters: Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Their family is a miracle to them.


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The final response on her ex

The Aquaman star recently spoke to You magazine. She opened up about her thrilling life, discussing love, grief, parenting, religion, eating insects and traveling with cats. Just like in any other interview she's indulged in, Nicole's history was again visited.


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Mrs. Urban was then asked how she feels when the public is still being obsessed about her and Tom. She gave the perfect reply that may come off as harsh to many but, yes, it's on point.


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Nicole Kidman abruptly remarked:

It’s disrespectful to my husband now. It’s disrespectful to my ex-husband. I’ve always said: you don’t sit at a dinner party and discuss all your exes with your new partner there, who is then privy to all of it. It’s inappropriate.


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Her bond with Tom brought her security

Nicole is just defending the privacy of her personal life. As published in Today, she had previously admitted that her marriage with Cruise provided her protection. Sexual harassment was on the rise in Hollywood and during the 90s, Tom was her biggest shield against them.


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It is just that Kidman had successfully moved on. She respects her ex but won't have any part of him in her future. Share this if you agree with her powerful statement.