Kate Middleton Turns Heads During A Family Outing At The Maserati Royal Charity Polo Match In A $70 Zara Dress

Date June 12, 2018

On Saturday, Prince William and Prince Harry participated in a game at the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy at Beaufort Park in Gloucester, England. The event was a fundraiser for the Royal Marsden cancer hospital and Centrepoint, a homeless youth charity.

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While the men were busy with the game, the little royals were quite busy having fun. Prince George and Princess Charlotte, happy to be out in the open air, played chase on the polo field. Little Charlotte even took her shoes off, the better to enjoy the luscious greens.

Their mom Kate Middleton was close and keeping an eye on them. Prince George chose a blue polo and khakis with blue sneakers, while his sister was in a delightful pink dress. Their mom was also dressed down in a blue dress with tan wedges and sunglasses.

Oddly enough, the Zara dress is one of the more inexpensive outfits the duchess has been seen in. it cost just $70. It is causing a stir, so much so that Zara is reportedly restocking the dress. Good thing for the millions of fans in the UK.

People interested in the dress will be able to preorder and get notifications when it hits the stores in their sizes. Whether or not anyone admits it, the duchess is still a pretty impressive marketing opportunity, and $70 dresses are sure to add up to a smiley bottom-line for Zara.


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Even little Charlotte got her own fair share of throwback appeal. The images captured of her at the event bring back memories of the late Princess Diana who also had a thing for sports. Back in 1989, she took party in parent activities during Prince William’s sports day and did some sprinting as well.

Days like this only go to show that besides the glitz and pomp, royals are really just regular people. Run, Kate, run!

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