"The Queen's Marriage": Lady Colin Campbell Set To Reveal Intimate Details Of Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip's Marriage

Date June 21, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s 70-year marriage has not been free from trouble. There were rumors that prince Philip was engaged in several affairs. Particularly, in 1956, he was believed to have taken a four-month break in which he indulged with at least one female companion in Commonwealth states.


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According to Daily Mail, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun based in London claimed in 1957 that the prince was interested in an unnamed woman. He said the pair met at a gathering held in an apartment owned by a society photographer.

Not long after, the duke’s private secretary, Mike Parker, resigned his position. Considering his proximity to the duke, many observers believed that he may have had information regarding the duke’s affairs. But this was never confirmed.


Penny Romsey, one of the duke’s close friends, was fingered as one of the women he had an affair with. Also, actress Pat Kirkwood, who was then the highest-paid stage performer, was mentioned in some quarters. Even Susan Barrantes, the mother of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, was on the list of women suspected to have had affairs with Prince Philip.


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Although the Queen never spoke openly about these rumors, she once issued a statement saying that relations between her and the duke were just fine. But Sarah Bradford, one of the Prince Philip’s most respected biographers, insists he had affairs. She expressed her position in 2004 to author Gyles Brandreth.

There is no doubt in my mind at all. The Duke of Edinburgh has had affairs — yes, full-blown affairs and more than one. Not with Pat Kirkwood or Merle Oberon or any of those people . . . All that was nonsense, complete nonsense. I don’t think there was ever anything in any of that. But he has affairs. And the Queen accepts it. I think she thinks that’s how men are.

In a more recent development, Lady Colin Campbell is set to release a new book that sheds more light on Prince Philip’s affairs. Amazon says that the new book will share "the inside story of The Queen’s Marriage".

68-year-old Campbell will speak at a press conference on June 28 as a prelude to the book launch. She earlier granted an interview to The Sun where she spoke about her experience writing the book.

Writing the truth has so far proven to be a very discomforting experience. I only hope that our society has progressed to the stage where one can finally speak the truth without being lambasted.

She also claims that the palace did not try to influence her in any way, so nothing in the book is going to be watered down. Also, she says her description of events will be "even-handed and balanced".


It is somewhat ironic that the book launch was timed to occur just before the platinum anniversary of Queen and Prince Philip's marriage. In the meantime, fans of the royal family are eager to see what the new book holds.


This is not the first time Campbell has written a controversial biography. She famously turned down the opportunity to write Princess Diana’s biography after she claimed that the late princess had ulterior motives.

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