Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr. Says Police Officers Who Beat Philadelphia Woman “Were Doing Their Job"

Date May 31, 2018 10:08

Police brutality has been a major issue in the United States for many years. At the start of the 1990’s, a lot of discussion made the rounds on the subject, and many observers sought to draw distinctions between the use of force by police officers and outright physical abuse.

Although criminal (Title 18 §242 USC) and civil (Title 42 §1983 USC) titles of the United States Code make it illegal for police officers to violate the rights of citizens, incidents of police brutality remain commonplace.

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Sadly, the use of force is enshrined in the core role of the police and, as such, affords them ample reason to employ violent tactics when dealing with members of the public, especially those considered threats.

On Saturday last week, a video showing two police officers manhandling a young woman on a beach in New Jersey went viral. Police reports say Emily Weinman of Philadelphia was suspected of underage drinking.

Although the entire altercation was not recorded, videos shared on the internet showed the officers struggling with Weinman on the ground. One officer then hit her twice, once in the head and again in the neck before putting her in a choke hold. Fox 29 reports that witnesses at the scene of the incident were heard urging the woman to stop resisting the officers.

Mayor of Wildwood, N.J. Ernie Troiano Jr. while speaking with the press on Monday said that the officers “were doing their job" and only resorted to hitting Weinman because she “refused to comply.”

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Many observers feel that the use of force was not justified. Accounts of the incident suggest that the woman passed a breathalyzer test after which the officers asked her about her name. She refused to give it to them, and then, scuffle ensued.

Police officials said the officers had been “reassigned to administrative duty pending the outcome of a full and thorough investigation.”

Understanding the situation that led to the incident is important, especially if said brutality was unprovoked.

It always helps have documentation like video clips when making a case. As most police departments have civil complaints departments that handle such matters, be sure to pay them a visit. And finally, know your rights.

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