"Oh Don’t Worry About That": Stormy Daniels Claims Donald Trump Told Her Cheating On Melania Was Not An Issue

Date October 1, 2018 13:50

Earlier in September adult entertainer, Stephanie Clifford popularly known as Stormy Daniels announced that she was releasing her book “Full Disclosure” on October 1. The announcement came during a recording of The View.

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While Daniels said the book talks about her life and experiences on the job, she said it also contains full details of her alleged relationship with President Donald Trump. Daniels is still in the line of fire for going public about the affair and it is likely her legal problems may heat up when the book goes public.


New details emerge

Last week, The Sun published yet another juicy detail from the upcoming book. Daniels shared a conversation she had with Trump in his hotel room just before they had sex.

I said, ‘You’re married. What would your wife think of you being here with me?’

’Oh don’t worry about that’, he said. ‘It’s not a big deal, anyway we have separate bedrooms’.


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Daniels said he then showed her a picture of his wife Melania and their four months old son, Barron. According to her, he was trying hard to make her feel like cheating was nothing out of the ordinary and she should be comfortable with it.


She cares about Melania

Back in 2011, Daniels showed some concern for Melania Trump during an interview with In Touch. While speaking about her affair with Donald Trump, Daniels sounded remorseful, almost even suggesting she was angry on behalf of Melania.


Daniels insinuated that Melania should be more upset that her husband was having an affair rather than if she found out he was having sex with several different women. She also said that having a baby contributed to her change of heart.

At the time, I didn’t think that much about it. But now that I have a baby that’s the same age that his was at the time, I’m like, 'Wow, what a d--k.' I feel bad. It didn’t occur to me at the time.

As the salacious book hits shelves, watch out for more details about the Trump/Daniels affair.

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