Bad Karma: Long Island Woman Gets Fired After Donating A Kidney To Her Boss

Date October 1, 2018 18:02

Receiving an organ in life-threatening situations can be an overwhelming experience and only so many procedures come with that much risk. For the most part, it is even more endearing than a living human being would put themselves at some risk for another person.

Kidneys are still one of the most popular organs donated on a yearly basis as a normal human being can live quite well with just one. Expressing gratitude for a kidney donation may seem like an ideal scenario but sometimes, donors and recipients never get to meet for a variety of reasons.

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Debbie Stevens, a 47-year-old divorced mother of two, quit her job with Atlantic Automotive Group in June 2010 but discovered her boss Jackie Brucia had a kidney problem. Being the kind soul that she is, Stevens offered to donate a kidney to Brucia.

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Stevens later asked if she could get a job with the company and not long after she was back with Atlantic Automotive Group. In January 2011, Brucia told Stevens her transplant was on hold as a suitable donor was not available. The plan was to have Stevens still donate her incompatible kidney to someone else so Brucia gets bumped up the waiting list.

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However, Stevens said things changed after the surgery. By August 10, 2011, she was ill from the operation and missed work. Brucia then called her, brushing away the excuses she gave while knowing Stevens had surgery.

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Eventually, Stevens was demoted to a remote subsidiary of the company. She suffered from psychological trauma and just after she wrote a letter to the company complaining about the treatment she received, Stevens was fired.

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She was used

Stevens’ lawyer, Lenard Leeds told the New York Post that he planned to file a discrimination lawsuit against AAG, and would likely seek millions of dollars in compensation. As for Stevens, she said she felt very bad that she got treated the way she did.

I feel very betrayed. This has been a very hurtful and horrible experience for me. She just took this gift and put it on the ground and kicked it.’

What goes around

Most people reacting to this heartbreaking story feel that Brucia was wrong firing Stevens who in a sense saved her life. Some have even suggested that Brucia may face the wrath of Karma for her misdeeds.

Stories like these may discourage people from donating their organs but it is important to remember that the gesture is an act of love and should be unconditional. There is no telling how people will behave in the future but nothing compares to donating an organ and saving a life.

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