Lip-Reading Expert Reveals Hidden Royal Conversations: William And Harry Paid Tribute To Diana While Waiting For Meghan At The Altar

Date May 22, 2018 13:01

Princes Harry and William remembered their deceased mother moments before Prince Charles brought Meghan Markle to the chapel. The professional lip-reader revealed some other royal conversations during the ceremony.

Tributes to Diana

The Internet went crazy with the misinterpreted tradition during the royal wedding. When the entire noble family took their seats, it turned out there was an empty chair not occupied by anyone. People immediately began building conspiracy theories, the most popular among which was a touching tribute to Princess Diana.


However, the heart-melting idea was soon rejected by royal reported Rebecca English. She mentioned about the tradition to leave an empty chair in front of the Queen on the similar occasions. Even though this tribute to Diana wasn’t true, there were a bunch of others during the ceremony that the deceased princess would definitely like. Meghan’s bouquet included forget-me-nots, Harry’s mother favorite flower.

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Markle’s veil reminded Diana’s one when the latter was marrying Prince Charles in 1981. However, the most touching tribute was, of course, the one her sons paid to her.


The chapel is definitely a gigantic building, and with the choir singing around, it was impossible to hear all the royal conversations. However, at least not by your ears. The professional lip-reader didn’t care about the noise around. Some of the phrases the royals said to each other were deciphered regardless of the mess around.

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The most touching conversation was between William and Harry when the two were standing in front of the altar waiting for Meghan:

- Do you remember when mum used to say…?

- Yeah….I know.


When Prince Charles brought Meghan down the aisle, Harry made a sincere smile, thanking his father. Perhaps, that is the most grateful smile Charles have ever received from the son.

Other conversations

Lip-reading is actually a great way to find out the things the people might want to hide from the public. Luckily, according to the expert, there were no such phrases on the wedding – just a few innocent jokes and some intriguing questions. Another hilarious small conversation happened between the Queen and her husband. When both were out of the chapel, Elizabeth said:

Keep waving, Philip.


Meanwhile, Meghan wasn’t sure about the kissing outside the chapel. When the two were out, the Duchess of Sussex asked Harry:

- Do we kiss?

- Yeah!


The royal wedding was the event people would be talking for ages. Everlasting traditions as well as modern peculiarities made the occasion simply amazing. We are happy for Harry and Meghan and wish the couple the best time together as a family.


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