Is Donald Trump Racist? The Country Split Down In The Middle On The Issue

Date July 5, 2018

Donald Trump is a racist. That is exactly what half of the white American citizens think about the President. While racism remains one of the main national problems, Donald doesn’t consider it to be a big issue.

Main American problem

According to a recent poll conducted online, 64 percent of Americans consider racism a disturbing national issue. 30 percent of the interviewed see no problem with racism. The numbers obviously speak volume: With the recent unpleasant episodes involving Afro-American citizens (Starbucks incident, Yale nap, and others), the country seems to make no progress with the most urgent issue for more than 300 years.

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Self-explanatory situation

The situation becomes clear when you take a look on the President’s reaction: No progress can be made when the American citizens consider even their president to be a racist.

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Another important, whooping poll results have been recently published online about racism. 44 percent of white people consider Donald Trump to be a racist. 79 percent of Afro-Americans and 58 percent of Hispanic citizens think the same. Little can be made in a country where the leader is associated with the main national problem.

What is more, even 11 percent of Trump’s colleagues-republicans think the President has racial problems. Well, what about Donald himself?

Racist president?

The President denied all accusations and claimed he is not a racist at all. At the beginning of the year, while entering Trump International Golf Course, Donald mentioned the phrase that doesn’t leave people’s minds, considering Trump’s “appeal” towards other nations:

No. I’m not a racist. I’m the least racist person you will ever interview.


Whether Donald forgot about his previous announcements or he simply didn’t want to spoil the image, the damage is already done. Once people saw it, they won’t forget even the slightest details.

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