Anderson Cooper Can't Hold Tears While Talking About Loneliness After Losing His Mother: "She Was The Last Of My Immediate Family"

Date June 24, 2019

On June 17, the CNN anchor Anderson Cooper announced his mother's death — Gloria Vanderbilt died from advanced stomach cancer at 95. 

Devastated Cooper paid a touching tribute to his parent, calling her "extraordinary mother, wife, and friend." The fashion designer was everything to her son, and her demise hit Anderson badly.


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A bit later, the Anderson Cooper 360° star revealed he feels extremely lonely right now. 

 She was the last of my immediate family, the last person who knew me from the beginning. 

Cooper couldn't hold his tears back while talking about his entire family. "The last of my immediate family" refers to the deaths of Anderson's father and brother. 

My dad died when I was 10, and my brother when I was 21 ... They're all gone and it feels very lonely right now. I hope they are at least together.

Cooper's brother, Carter, committed suicide in 1988. It will be a 21-year death anniversary on July 22.


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The CNN host's father, Wyatt, passed away during open heart surgery at a young age in 1978.


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52-year-old Anderson Cooper has written many books, in which he opens up about the loss of a parent and a brother to early deaths and other heart-breaking details of his and everyone's lives. Stay strong, Anderson!