May Remarriage Be In The Future? Body Language Expert Reveals True Feelings Between Prince Andrew And Sarah Ferguson

Date June 5, 2019 13:25

Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and Sarah Ferguson made a surprise by joining their beloved Prince Andrew at Horseguard's Parade on June 1st.

The sweet family-of-four was beaming positive vibes as they were all close to each other, making royal fans think of one thing — Prince Andrew and Fergie's reunion.


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No doubts, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew have been showing mixed signals to each other since their divorce in 1996, speculating about rekindled love and remarriage. 

Body language expert Judi Jame reveals that Sarah Ferguson showed feelings of affection toward her ex-husband on the family photo, meaning they still feel comfortable with each other. 


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James further explained: 

She’s clearly very happy with the proximity and touch, too. Holding her hands in front of her body she leaves one hand very close to his which – again – is a gesture no warring or distanced exe’s would normally feel comfortable with.


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Although nothing has been confirmed about their remarriage in the foreseeable future, the Duke and Duchess of York believe they are a "family unit and we lead by example."


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Fergie added:

We support each other emotionally, and we support each other health-wise. At least every two weeks we sit down together and communicate, the four of us.


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Well, how cute is it? It does not matter whether or not Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson remarry, they are admittedly a family anyway.