"You Will Never Be Forgotten": Diana's Former Butler And Friend Shares A Lovely Photo Of The Princess With Tearful Tribute

Date July 2, 2019

We oftentimes hear something new and interesting about late Princess Diana. Her butler, Paul Burrell, is deemed to be the closest confidante, who has been making headlines about royal secrets and Lady Di's life.

Princess Diana even described Paul as "her rock." Although the mother of Princes William and Harry died nearly 22 years ago, her closest people still remember her as if she's right in front of them. 


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Happy Birthday, Lady Diana!

On July 1, the late Princess of Wales would celebrate her 58th birthday anniversary. Do you think she would be spending a great time, surrounded by her sons, their beautiful wives, and four adorable grandchildren?


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Diana's former butler and a close friend shared an extremely rare photo of late Princess as he made a heartfelt tribute for her birthday with a beautiful picture, taken in Cairo, Egypt in 1992 after visiting the mosque.


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Paul Burrell also added a tearful caption:

You will never be forgotten and how sad to think that you never saw the love your boys found and the beautiful grandchildren you should have embraced. God bless you as you watch over them.


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The People of Hearts — that's who pure-hearted Diana Spencer was for her admirers. And honestly? She still is.

Dreams about Diana

Royal butler Paul Burrell was seemingly so close to Princess Diana that he sees her in his dreams. He says she visits him while sleeping and talks about different things — it's not creepy though.

She comes to me on a regular basis. It just happens. We have no control over our sub­­conscious and I go to sleep sometimes thinking ‘Please don’t come into my dreams’ but then she appears.


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May Princess Diana enter Paradise!