Shemar Moore Insanely Misses Kristoff St. John And Tearfully Pays Tribute To Him: "We Will Never, Ever Forget You"

Date May 8, 2019

Can you believe it's been three months since Kristoff St. John's sudden death? The Young & The Restless star was found lifeless due to hypertrophic heart disease.

St. John passed away on February 3 when he was just 52 years old. Still so young, full of ambitions and love — yet, so lost and shattered over his son's suicide due to mental health issues in 2014. 


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He is still remembered by so many

On May 5th, Shemar Moore and other stars managed to keep Kristoff St. John's spirit alive at the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards. The late star received standing ovations during the In Memoriam segment.

This year, we had to say goodbye to a good man, a great man, a special individual, Mr. Kristoff St. John.


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Mr. Moore added how iconic, professional, big-hearted, generous St. John was. Kristoff meant a lot to many people, including Shemar and hence, it was an emotional period of time for him.

Kristoff, we miss you, rest in peace, keep dancing, and we will never, ever forget you, my brother.


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Here's the full speech if you want to cry more:

These words really break our weak hearts...

Last words

Shemar Moore presented the last texts St. John had sent him before death, and it's so damn heart-breaking. The late actor wrote:

I look up to you. You were a squeaky clean lil boy, with stars in your eyes. Now you are the center of an entire solar system.


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Shemar Moore and Kristoff St. John were great buddies during their careers at Y & R and beyond the show. When the latter died, the Criminal Minds actor was among the first to pay tribute as his beloved friend and brother.