No Equality: Charlotte Was Dressed Up In A $180 Dress By A Royal Designer While George Wore A Cheap Mass Market Top And Shorts


July 12, 2019 10:31 By Fabiosa

Although Kate Middleton is a modest individual, she oftentimes loves to dress up to the nines and so do her older children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

According to Daily Mail, little royals have established a so-called sensation 'Kiddie Cambridge Effect'. It means that whatever kids wear, the entire nation will try to do the same. Similar things have happened with the help of 'Kate's Effect' and 'Meghan's Effect' serving as exemplary actions and fashion choices.

Kate, where's equality?

When Kate Middleton brought her three children — George, Charlotte & Louis — to the Polo Day to watch Prince Harry vs. Prince William's charity match, royal fans were stunned in awe over the unlimited cuteness.

However, there is something odd: Princess Charlotte was wearing a more expensive outfit than Prince George. The third-in-the-line sported a $7 H&M top and $30 Gap shorts, whereas the Princess Diana's lookalike was wearing a floral dress by a royal designer Marie Chantal, retailing for $175.

Moreover, Daily Mail notifies that the soon-to-be 6-year-old royal wore the same cheap mass market T-shirt before.

By the way, this is not the first time Kate Middleton does the same! In the middle of April, the Cambridge family was spotted with Zara Tindell's kin and other friends.

While Prince George and Princess Charlotte enjoyed their thrilling time with the adults, people noticed the young girl had more pricey clothes, unlike George.

The four-year-old cutie donned a $120 branded outfit, whereas Prince George's attire, including his jacket and Nike shoes, was estimated around $80. Could it be favoritism?

Anywise, we cannot wait until baby Archie is grown-up so that he can play around with his cousins!