Ignorant White Woman Rejected And Fired A Black Babysitter After Sending Her A Racist Text

Date October 4, 2018 10:45

We know you're like, oh come on, end the discrimination already! But the fact is, its just a part of our reality. Let us assure you though, this filthy judgment is embedded only into mediocre minds of the society. It's more of a matter of love or hate than black or white!

Racism in job offers

Anti-black hiring discrimination hasn't dropped even in the last 25 years. The Guardian examined the hiring preference in the US and found that job seekers are extremely challenged by the idea of the racial bias over their color.

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It heartbreaking to notice that white applicants receive 36% more callbacks after interviews than black applicants. Diminishing their hopes even after equivalent performances!

The white woman rejected black nanny

The mother, Lynsey Plasco-Flaxman of two kids, was disappointed after meeting the new nanny Giselle Maurice in 2016. She wrote a message to her spouse, Joel Plasco.


She was so freaked out that instead of sending the text to Plasco, Lynsey accidentally sent it to the nanny. When Joel noted his wife's blunder, he immediately fired Maurice, the babysitter despite her adequate experience. After this shameless discrimination, they paid her for her day’s work and sent her home in an Uber.

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The wife of the Manhattan banker, Lynsey protested that their action was reasonable as they couldn’t trust Maurice after offending her. According to NYPost, the nanny is now filing a lawsuit on the family and sturdily said,

I know it’s pure discrimination.

The husband tried to calm the situation and make an argument that they were only expecting a Filipino. His wife was exhausted by handling 2 months baby and was out of her wits.

Well, for sure yeah, she could even text the right person! 

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People are not agreeing with the husband

Social media uses sided with the nanny. They nullified Joel's statement and were enraged over this blind discrimination. Even by mistake, don't hurt someone's sentiments over their roots!

Racism over color and ethnicity is pointless. Wastes everyone's time and energy. Please share to condemn this unfairness!

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