Protection Turned Into Cruelty: Why Heartless Man Chose To Keep His Daughter Captive For 24 Agonizing Years

Date September 19, 2018 18:34

No one relies on and trusts someone more than their family. Love of a father especially knows no bound but this cruel case still haunts us. The whole thing is a nightmare to even imagine!

The shocking case of Elizabeth Fritzl

It's been 10 years since this horrific case emerged. An ordinary man, Josef Fritzl, living off pension had a very dark secret. He kept his daughter captive for 24 years while torturing her.

What's more shocking? The daughter Elisabeth was imprisoned in a basement dungeon while the rest of the family lived normally upstairs. He forced her to have seven babies for him. Those babies stayed in his prison as 'Cellar Children'.

According to Independent News, upon rescue, everyone was shocked by the girl's fragile appearance.

Her skin resembled the color of ash, her remaining teeth were rotten beyond repair. She looked awfully aged enough to be the wife, not the daughter of her 73-year-old father.

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Monstrous father claimed his intentions were good

He grew up in Nazi times which made him do such horrible actions. He thought it's nice to have a second family underground. He had no remorse over his evil-doing and said he only rescued her. 

According to him

I'm not a monster, I only kept her safe from outside world.

This is truly unbelievable and heart-breaking! It's painful to even imagine her suffering in a windowless dungeon and in constant torture from the youthful age of 18 to the 42.

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Where is Elisabeth now?

Concerned people want to know about her health. But unfortunately, the current location of Elisabeth Fritzl is kept unknown.

In 2008, her lawyer Christoph Herbst said

She is happy and don't want to know her father anymore.

Josef is in jail ever since and the rest of the family has managed to rebuild their lives. They live hidden from the public's eye as their father's infamy continues to trail him.

Elisabeth's strength is astonishing. Our heart goes out to her and her children. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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