Oh No! Sarah Ferguson Gets Rumor Mill Churning As She Attends Lavish Party With Unidentified Date In Italy

Date July 22, 2019 12:22

After over 23 years since Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson divorced, they've once again became the it-couple of the royal family.

The former spouses live together and seem very close, as both Sarah and Andrew often mention each other in a warm and loving manner on social media.

Such affectionate behavior prompted royal fans to hope that the Duke and Duchess of York will again reunite, and maybe even remarry.

However, Fergie might have different plans as she was recently spotted in a company of a mystery man.

Sarah Ferguson's unidentified date in Italy

59-year-old Duchess of York attended The Great Gatsby-themed party hosted by a Canadian businessman Lawrence Stroll in Capri over the weekend. Fergie looked exceptionally glamorous in her 1920s outfit, but we were more distracted by her company.

Sarah showed up hand-in-hand with a mystery man, whose identity still remains unknown to the public.

Of course it's possible the unidentified man is just a friend of Ferguson, however, we must note that such events are much more fit to attend with a romantic chaperone.

In fact, Fergie once hinted that she's actively dating people, despite admitting that Andrew will forever remain her "soulmate":

I love him. He's my soulmate. It's actually what we said in front of God at the altar: we honour and respect each other until death do us part. The only thing is, he has girlfriends and I have boyfriends.

We can't deny that our hearts are broken, but Sarah's happiness must be a priority and we're sure she and Andrew have figured out a way to coexist harmoniously.