Ivanka Trump Gets Heat For Posting A Sweet Photo Of Her Son While Other Kids Are Being Gassed At The Border

Date November 28, 2018 17:11

Last Sunday a horrifying confrontation at the Mexican-American border caused huge public outrage. U.S. border patrol was authorized to use tear gas against the immigrants trying to get over the fence. One photo capturing a Mexican mother running to safety with her children is especially chilling and immediately went viral.

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The woman, Maria Meza, said it was absolutely terrifying and she feared for her children's lives:

I felt sad, I was scared. I wanted to cry. That’s when I grabbed my daughters and ran. I thought my kids were going to die with me because of the gas we inhaled.

In light of these events, the First Family is under people's close watch. Melania Trump was already slammed for unveiling Christmas decorations at the White House in such unfitting time, and now the President's daughter is getting heat for her actions.

Just two days after the terrible teargassing happening at the border, Ivanka Trump posted a sweet photo of her son Joseph enjoying a peaceful day outside.

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Seeing the family relaxing on a boat sparked outrage online as people started attacking Ivanka for being ignorant about what's happening, and noting that many children of her son's age were gassed, while they are all seemingly unbothered.

Furious reactions shared on social media

So should Ivanka be blamed for posting a picture of her son in a time like this? Do you agree with these comments?

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