Racist Man Refused To Stop Yelling At An Elderly Woman And Called Her An 'Ugly Black Bastard' On A Ryanair Flight

Date October 23, 2018 14:15

If you thought we're on our way to living in the most tolerant society, think again. Racism still exists and according to a report by The Guardian, the proportion of racially prejudiced people in the UK has risen since 2001. Unfortunately, a recent news story proved this point, enraging thousands of people.

A Man verbally attacked a black woman on a plane

A disturbing video made on a Ryanair flight by a UK resident, David Lawrence, captured a white British man yelling at an elderly black woman, refusing to sit next to her.

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The woman's daughter was seen trying to reason with the man, repeatedly asking him to "give her a chance", but he kept hurling insults calling the woman an “ugly black bastard".

A flight attendant tried to defuse the situation, but the man kept trying to make his unwanted seatmate to move. Finally, the elderly woman begged to go with her daughter and was granted her request.

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The racist man was allowed to stay in his seat and fly to London, which absolutely enraged many people on social media. The public urges everyone to boycott Ryanair for letting such an unforgivable behavior go unpunished.

After receiving such an overwhelming support, the woman's daughter thanked everyone for the supportive comments on social media, which made her mom feel better after such a horrible experience.

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