Devastated Mother Shares Photos Of Drug-Addicted Son And Has Something To Say About Opiates

Date July 5, 2018

Michelle Garcia is a professional photographer for around 15 years. She is used to make photos of weddings, birthdays, and other happy events. But this time, she decided to document her drug-addicted son, Michael, in order to raise awareness of the problem many people are facing.

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On her Facebook page, Michelle Garcia posted several pictures of her son to show the sharp contrast between being healthy and drug-addicted.

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The first one was taken last year, and both were looking so happy. On all others, Michelle’s son is shown after taking drugs. Michael suffers from the dual diagnosis, which means he has schizophrenia and drug addiction at the same time.

The aim of Michelle’s post it to bring awareness to the opiate epidemic that ruins so many lives.

The woman gives advice to other parents by sayings that it is necessary to keep eyes and ears open and communicate with children.

We hope Michelle’s story will help other people to avoid drug addiction.

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