Melania Doesn't Believe That Donald Trump Had Affair With Stormy Daniels. Is She Right Or Just Avoids The Truth?

Date June 7, 2018

Donald Trump continues to deny he had an affair with the porn actress Stormy Daniels. Nevertheless, Daniels claims she tells the truth and previously she just had no choice but to follow the non-disclosure agreement she had signed.

Many people ask the question, whose words are real? Maybe, Stormy Daniels just wants more media attention? Nobody knows the right answer.


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The White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah confirmed Donald Trump’s statement, saying:

The President strongly clearly and consistently has denied these underlying claims. The only one who has been inconsistent is the one making the claims. The President doesn't believe that any of the claims Ms. Daniels made in the interview are accurate.


Trump’s wife, Melania, also has an opinion regarding this topic. What are her thoughts? It turned out that Melania doesn't believe that Trump had affair with Stormy Daniels. Rudy Giuliani says:

She believes her husband, and she knows it's untrue.

He declared this statement at the "Globes" Capital Market conference in Tel Aviv.


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In 2016, Melania declared accusations that he groped or sexually assaulted women to be "damaging and unfair".

She also said:

I believe my husband … my husband didn't do anything.


Federico Pignatelli, the owner of NYC’s Pier 59 Studios who knows Trump for nearly 30 years, says Melania doesn’t actively comment this issue because she just doesn’t care.

He said:

She really doesn’t care. At all.

Also, he confirmed Melania really doesn’t believe that Donald Trump was involved in that affair. She loves her husband and believes his every single word.


He said:

He told Melania that while he had known Stormy, he never had an extramarital affair with her. Melania chose to believe him then, and continues to now. She is very in love with her husband, and she believes her husband.


It seems Melania is a really devoted and loving wife who always believes her husband. What do you think about it?

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