Son Finds A Stranger With Father's Name Buried Next To His Mother. Who Is That Man?

Date June 4, 2018 15:32

When people whom we loved pass away, the cemetery becomes the place where we come to pay respect to them and say how much we miss them.

One day, R.C. Smith came to his mother's gravesite at a Milwaukee cemetery and realized there was a fresh mound of dirt covering the adjacent plot. But it was reserved for his father, who was still alive.

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It was clear that was somebody’s mistake that shouldn’t have happened.

After some investigations, the manager of the cemetery confirmed it was indeed a mistake because of two people with the exact same names and middle initials.

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Nevertheless, R.C. Smith is not happy with all this situation. He said:

If I had not come to the cemetery like I do, I would never have been aware of this Mr. Otha is not the Otha that should be here. I'm not pleased with the gentleman laying next to my mom.

Officials are now doing everything to find the family members of the person, buried next to R.C. Smith’s mother.

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