Mom Is Slammed For Raising Her 11-Month-Old Son Vegan. Is This Diet Really Acceptable For A Child?

Date March 8, 2019

The number of vegetarians and vegans is growing all the time, which resulted in the increasing quantity of infants brought up on a meat-free diet.

Mom Is Slammed For Raising Her 11-Month-Old Son Vegan. Is This Diet Really Acceptable For A Child?Serpstat /

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Some experts claim that there are certain risks related with vegan diet for babies, as it may be harder for them to get the right amount and balance of nutrients.

Slammed for a diet

Jess Pourasghar claims she is planning to keep her son, who is now just 11 months old, on a vegan diet until he is at least 18. Moreover, she won’t give him meat even if he asks for it.

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The woman discussed such a tricky topic while appearing on daytime television, and this question turned out to be indeed relevant, as people can’t stop discussing it and calling Jess a cruel mother.

The woman also added that it would be a great disappointment for her if one day, her son asks for meat. In such a case, she plans to tell him the truth where it comes from.

I'd stop him because it’s still my choice to raise him at that age and every parent would make their decisions for him.

However, some people defend the mother, claiming that it's harmless and that being a vegan doesn’t mean that you don’t take your child’s health seriously.

Sometimes, vegan parents put their babies at risk. For example, one Australian couple was raising children vegan despite the fact that the diet was bad for their bones. So, it is necessary to consider the health condition before choosing the right diet.

Jess Pourasghar is slammed for raising her 11-month-old son a vegan. But does he really need meat that much?

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