Psychic Jayne Wallace Has A Reason To Believe Meghan And Harry Will Have A Girl Shortly After A Boy Is Born

Date April 23, 2019 10:48

It is believed that Jayne Wallace, the founder and owner of Psychic Sisters, can see more than other people, and can predict certain things.

Jayne’s psychic abilities appeared since early childhood. As a child, Wallace attended a spiritualist church where members declared her a natural clairvoyant.

Jayne Wallace’s prediction

Psychic Jayne Wallace claims Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have a girl shortly after Baby Sussex' birth. Moreover, she also predicted the gender of the royal couple’s baby that is expected to arrive soon.

Jayne believes Meghan will give birth to a boy, but it won’t be their only child. The clairvoyant at Psychic Sisters also added the Duchess of Sussex is currently lack of energy, as there is not enough support from her family members.

Meghan will have a little boy but could have a daughter after her son. Meghan is going through a tough time and does not have the energy she needs from her own family. But she is a very similar personality to Diana, who was strong and private and a good mum.

In June 2018, Jayne Wallace said that Meghan and Harry have a really deep emotional and spiritual connection. They are indeed a perfect couple!

Meghan is honest, down to earth and real, and she can give Harry so much emotionally and spiritually.

Jayne Wallace has recently predicted the gender of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s future baby, claiming it will be a boy. She also added they will have another child, a sweet baby girl. We'll see whether she is right in a little while!