Welcome To The World! Mario Lopez's Wife Just Gave Birth To A "Beautiful, Healthy" Baby Boy

Date July 9, 2019

Mario Lopez's wife, Courtney Mazza, revealed her third pregnancy back in January. During the whole period, Mario was the most supportive husband and did everything possible to make Courtney happy and satisfied.

Courtney is so lucky to have such an amazing husband!

I always try and make sure she’s happy and comfortable when she’s not pregnant, and even more so now.

Welcome to the world, baby!

It was recently reported that Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney welcomed a “healthy and beautiful” baby boy, whom they named Santino Rafael Lopez. What a beautiful name!

Moreover, proud parents have already shared some snaps of their newborn son and uploaded them on their official Instagram accounts.
The baby is so adorable!

Mario Lopez about fatherhood

The famous actor has previously talked about fatherhood, and the biggest lessons he is passing on to children.

First and foremost, it's got to be to treat others with respect. Be polite: Manners go a long way. Try to come from a good place. And aside from that, stay focused and do the right thing.

Congratulations with the baby, Mario and Courtney Lopez!