55-Year-Old Marla Maples Shows Off Her Perfect Body While Doing Handstands In Mini Bikini

Date June 25, 2019 10:04

Marla Maples, the 55-year-old American actress and television personality, also known for being the second wife of Donald Trump, remains in great shape.

Donald Trump's ex-wife enjoys an active life and wants to keep her body fit. By the way, she was the participant of Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars.

Doing yoga

From time to time, Marla Maples surprises her fans with her perfect look. On the photo below, she shows off her incredible figure while performing a series of yoga handstands in an extremely small bikini.

It is hard to imagine how hard Marla Maples works every day to reach such amazing results.

Marla Maples' beauty secrets

Recently, she finally shared some of her beauty secrets with fans. Marla Maples opened up she enjoys various types of sports. But of course, yoga is her pure admiration.

I like to mix it up. I played competitive basketball for about 12 years and I love that. I love to get out and be a tomboy. But in order to stay healthy, Pilates is a really great way, and yoga is a great way to really stay fit from the inside out.

Good job, Marla Maples! You look as gorgeous as always!