Body Language Expert Reveals "Dramatic Aspect" Of Melania Trump's Feelings, Claiming "She's All By Herself"

Date May 2, 2019

On April 26th, 2019, Melania Trump celebrated her 49th birthday after her alleged conflict with Donald.

Nobody knows for sure what was the result of their conflict, but some experts claim their public disagreement started while they were having dinner at Mar-a-Lago. It also continued at the White House Easter Egg Roll, and body language experts said it was rather evident.

Melania Trump’s feelings

Body language expert has recently revealed "dramatic aspect" of Melania Trump's feelings during the latest appearances, adding she is all by herself.

Patti Wood analyzed the photo that was posted on the official Twitter account of the White House, where the U.S. First Lady was captured sitting all alone on the couch.

From what I’ve read, this was their selection … That’s the most interesting [thing], because she’s communicating to the world that she’s all by herself on her birthday. That’s the most dramatic aspect of this whole story. If you’ll look at her facial expression, with the tight lips, and the fact that she’s not looking directly at the camera, that is suppressed anger.

Patti also added that, after the analysis of Melania’s gestures and behavior, she made a conclusion that the First Lady feels very lonely.

It’s the fact that she’s sitting on the corner of the couch, to make it clear she’s by herself. That’s the most significant part.


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Other body language experts also noticed Melania Trump's loneliness, and it is evident she doesn’t get enough care and support from her husband.

Melania Trump has recently celebrated her 49th birthday, but body language specialists claim she is now all by herself.