Hoda Kotb Has A Perfect Twinning Moment With Her Baby Girl In Matching Swimsuits At The Beach

Date June 25, 2019 12:59

Earlier this month, Hoda Kotb celebrated the sixth anniversary with her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman.


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On her official Instagram account, the famous Today anchor posted a sweet snap with Joel, revealing they have been together for already six years. By the way, the photo was taken as they headed to a concert in Central Park.


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They look so great together!

A sunny day with daughter

On her recent video, Hoda Kotb poses with daughter Haley in matching swimsuits as they were enjoying a sunny day at the beach.


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Happy summer ..thx mom for the matchy matchy suits!!❤️

What a lovely day it was! Her daughter is already so grown up!


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Hoda Kotb talks about motherhood

Hoda Kotb has recently talked about being a mother to Haley, and the way she is raising her baby girl. She wants Haley to be courageous and vulnerable at the same time!


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I don’t want to prepare her with a coat of armor to go out into the world. I want her to be open and vulnerable because, look, it is that whole thing about courage does come from vulnerability.


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Hoda Kotb is an inspiring woman, who manages to find enough time for her career and motherhood, and combines these two areas so perfectly!