Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Love Changed As They're Waiting For Their First Bundle Of Joy

Date March 7, 2019 13:43

On March 6th, Meghan Markle made surprising appearance during Prince Harry's schedule charity speech at the annual WE Day.

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The pregnant Duchess of Sussex looked indeed stunning, wearing a dark blue jacket over a black crew-necked top and black jeans.

Royal couple’s feelings

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s future baby is on it’s way, the royal couple started to feel that their love became somehow different. It was confirmed by body language specialists, who analyzed the behavior of the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex and are now ready to provide their expert opinion.

Traci Brown and Patti Wood claim that now, Prince Harry feels more responsible and tries to protect his wife.

Harry is fully protecting Meghan with his arm around her. And she's protecting the baby, shielding from the crowd with her hand.

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They also added that the royal couple is experiencing special feelings while waiting for the baby to come, and their love became even stronger.

Their light-filled smiles show they are both having tender moment together, as they enjoy the bigger moment with the crowd.

Their mutual photos just prove that Meghan and Harry are in love, and cherish each other’s emotions.

Whatever is going on is touching Harry's heart and she's all in, too!. He may be looking for her reaction and approval of his emotions. Kinda sweet!

When to expect a baby?

Earlier this week Meghan shared an update on her baby's due date, making people think that the royal child may come earlier than everybody expected.

While talking to the Welsh Secretary of State Alun Cairns during the Buckingham Palace reception for the Prince of Wales, Meghan Markle said that the baby is nearly here.

Body language experts confirmed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s love became even stronger as the baby is on its way.

Body language experts reveal Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's love only grows stronger as the baby is on the way.

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