Priscilla Presley Recalls Her Life With The Beloved King Of Rock And Roll At Graceland: “It’s Like I Never Left”

Date May 14, 2019

Priscilla Presley says Graceland was a place where Elvis felt like a little kid. It was his true home, the place where he came after the hard day and felt comfortable.

The former wife of the King of Rock and Roll claims it was the best place for Elvis where he felt free, relaxed, and fun.

Time at Graceland

Priscilla Presley has recently remembered her life with beloved Elvis at Graceland, claiming it is still home for her in many ways.


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She spent a lot of time at Graceland and remembers it till these days. Moreover, sometimes, it feels like she has never left Graceland. Priscilla has so many wonderful memories connected with that place.

I love being at Graceland! I’ve spent many, many years at Graceland and have a lot of beautiful memories there. It’s still home in many ways for me and every time I walk in that door it’s like I never left.


Публикация от Elvis Presley (@elvis)


Публикация от Elvis Presley (@elvis)

Priscilla Presley also revealed she had two favorite rooms in Graceland, where she spent most of the time with Elvis. She has such great memories!

Two rooms are where we spent so much time in – the den and the dining room. We would have breakfast in the dining room where we would laugh and have so much fun together. In the den, we would be together and watch TV, especially on Sundays for football.

By the way, Priscilla Presley already confirmed she is going to star in Wedding at Graceland. It was recently reported that the production has already begun.

The former wife of the King of Rock and Roll, Priscilla Presley, remembered her time with beloved Elvis at Graceland and spoke about her favorite two rooms, where the couple spent most of the time.