Royal Nurse Claims Meghan Will Break Royal Tradition With Her Baby’s Wardrobe, And Shared Her Style Idol

Date May 3, 2019 17:28

Royal children are always very elegant and stylish, and their wardrobe is often in the center of everybody’s attention.


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Kate Middleton usually chooses traditional clothes for her children, and we can often spot Prince George wearing various shorts. By the way, there are certain clothes brands that Prince George and princess Charlotte love. For example, G.H. Hurt & Son, Cath Kidston, Rachel Riley, and others.

Former royal nurse talks about Meghan’s baby wardrobe

Former royal nurse, Sarah Dixon, claims Meghan Markle will break royal tradition with Baby Sussex's wardrobe. She also added that the Duchess of Sussex most likely already chose her style idol, and will take guidance from Amal Clooney rather than from Kate Middleton.

She will be a more modern parent and will dress baby Sussex accordingly.

I really don’t think this baby will be dressed in smocking and knee-high socks the way Kate [Middleton]’s children have been. I think she will be a very modern parent and will probably take more guidance from friends such as Amal Clooney than she will from Kate.

By the way, Meghan Markle’s psychic friend said earlier this year that she wanted a little girl, the one she could dress up because she's a real fashionista.

So, it seems that Sarah Dixon, the former maternity nurse, is right and Meghan Markle will dress her baby not the way Kate Middleton did it.

The former royal nurse claims the Duchess of Sussex will break royal tradition with her baby’s wardrobe and will take guidance from Amal Clooney rather than Kate Middleton.