So Exciting! Michael Phelps Reveals His Wife Is Pregnant With Their 3rd Child: “Oops We Did It Again”

Date April 2, 2019

Besides being the most successful and the most decorated Olympian of all time, the former competitive swimmer Michael Phelps is also a loving husband, as he is happily married to the former Miss California USA, Nicole Johnson.

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They are also devoted parents of two wonderful children: Boomer Robert Phelps was born in 2016, and Beckett Richard Phelps – in 2018.

Baby number 3!

Michael Phelps has recently revealed that his wife is now pregnant with their third baby, and they can’t wait to see it.

Can’t wait to see the journey that this takes us on!!!

On her social media account, Michael’s wife Nicole also shared her feelings about the pregnancy. She is so excited to become a mother of three children and to welcome a new baby.

Oops we did it again. I get to be a mama x3

The gender of the baby is still unknown, but the most important fact that the baby is going to have incredible parents and siblings!

Michael Phelps and Nicole Phelps met in 2007 at the ESPYs, and secretly tied the knot three years ago. These two are indeed meant for each other and managed to build such a great family together.

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Michael Phelps announced his wife Nicole is pregnant again and they are expecting their third baby. We are so glad for this amazing couple!

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