Samantha Markle Claims Meghan Is Not As Nice As She Looks, Calling Her A 'Wealthy Narcissist'

Date February 8, 2019

Recently, Meghan Markle’s friends broke the silence and told the truth about the Duchess of Sussex.


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Friends' report

The report was published by the People, based on the interview with five women from the inner circle of Meghan. They described Prince Harry’s wife as a friendly and nice person, who is doing everything possible for her family and friends.

Samantha Markle Claims Meghan Is Not As Nice As She Looks, Calling Her A 'Wealthy Narcissist'Getty Images / Ideal Image

While visiting Meghan at the Kensington Palace’s Nottingham Cottage, they saw how Meghan is trying to make their life comfortable, and they claim she is cooking for herself and Harry every day.

Meghan’s friends are also worried about all that lies and untruths that may cause emotional trauma to the pregnant Duchess.

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Samantha’s “truth”

Now, Samantha Markle calls Meghan a "wealthy narcissist", and accuses her PR team of fabricating stories about the Duchess.

One of the memes in her social media account read:

When a narcissist has lost control over you, they try to control how others see you.

She later added her comment, writing:

And if the narcissist is wealthy they pay very expensive PR teams to change the way people see you.

She also wrote about her relations with father:

I don’t think people understand. Dad gave her everything and was amazing and very nurturing to her all the way up until she announced the engagement. She is the one who turned for no reason. There should be a new diagnosis called "IthinkI’mtoogoodforeveryoneitis.

Recently, Samantha said she won't stop telling the truth and is planning to reveal more secret and interesting details about the royal.

Samantha Markle claims Meghan is not as nice as she seems to be, calling her a wealthy narcissist. Nevertheless, her friends have another opinion about the Duchess of Sussex.

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